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As a mother, I feel a deep responsibility to pass on a love for our Mother Earth to my child.
Delilah, our dogs, and me are urban stream adventurers in Baltimore. It began as an activity to do together when she was visiting as a child in the DC foster care system. She was 3.5 years old then. In front of her innocent toddler eyes, I felt embarrassment and guilt at the condition of the environment- plastic washed up in piles and stuck in trees. To me, it felt post-apocalyptic. The trash was a blaring symbol of all the destruction we have perpetrated on our planet.
As I watched her interact with this little patch of abused earth, I realized she wasn’t burdened with what I was reading into the scene. She didn’t know what it should be like- she was, as children do, living entirely in the moment. Her molecules were energized. She began a relationship and communion with the stream, its behaviors, and its inhabitants. I have many photos of her engaged in this dance. She caused me to alter my perspective from hopeless to a reignited love of nature.
As an artist, I now realize this is my role- to share this love and remind others to go out and look and care for nature. These assemblages are built of findings during our adventures. They are displayed in windows from the home we were renovating as if they are memories.