m. jordan tierney

As an artist who combines wood carvings with salvaged materials, I have a need for and an interest in resourcefulness.
I like to learn from people who are inventive with whatever is at hand.

For a while now I have been thinking about an idea I call ‘Urbanautica’.
The courage and resourcefulness it took to go to sea before there were motors and GPS has always impressed me. Those sailors were at the mercy of the environment. They had to be so much more self sufficient. Bravery, sharp observations, imagination, patience, endurance, humor, faith, and whatever meager equipment they brought with them was all they had. I liken this attitude to people who live on the city streets. The cards stacked against them. Collecting castoff anythings with shopping carts. Fabricating shelters made from trash. Believing in the slightest potential utility of the normally overlooked.

And in small ways, we all have to move through our days and lives with some measure of resourcefulness- if even just to stay sane and find meaning in life.
The lore of survival. The desire to break free of gravity.

My sculptures are meant to be both artifacts from some one’s search for transcendence and as the apparatus for our own search.
No matter where we are from, we have so much in common – only the details vary. We stand in the present like a filter - an indecipherable chaos of particles of existence in front of us, a tapestry of memories behind us. This work hopes to summon that state of mind.