m. jordan tierney

As an artist who combines wood carvings with salvaged materials, I have a need for and an interest in resourcefulness. I like to be inventive with whatever is at hand. The things that speak to me have something important to say. I learn from the objects and spirits who summon me. Their history teaches me about change. I liken it to a dance.
My sculptures are meant to be both artifacts from my search for transcendence and as the apparatus for your own search.
No matter where we are from, we have so much in common – only the details vary. We stand in the present like a filter - an indecipherable chaos of particles of existence in front of us, a tapestry of memories behind us. This work hopes to summon that state of mind.
Most of my recent work has to do with our environment- our Earth home, remembering her beauty, honoring her, and nurturing our relationship with her.
I also give Tree Spirit Workshops and teach drawing and sculpting from nature.